Tuesday, May 22, 2012

might meet TQ today

Well it is an exciting old day.

I may meet The Queen today. I will get to see her at the very least, and if I'm lucky I'll shake her hand.

Have been invited to the Buckingham Palace Garden Party, plus one. So the Brit and I will scrub up, I'll wear a fascinator, he a suit,  and we'll be heading over there this afternoon for some Queen time, cucumber sandwiches and champagne.

Is naaice!

Why am I going? Well that's confidential of course, but I can say that I am excited and know I am extremely fortunate to have been put on the guest list.

The invitation was this beautiful thick card that made a loud 'ka-thunk' as it past through our letter box and landed on the floor.It came with a list of instructions, including what to wear and what to bring (1 x utility bill to prove who we are and that we live where we live, for example.)

Tally ho!

PS: Wearing yellow. The Queen's favourite outfit is a buttercup coloured coat dress, so I thought I'd channel her directly.

PPS: If I meet her, it'll be 'How do you do ma'am. (Rhymes with ham, not harm apparently.)
My fascinator is ready for some serious head action.



Anonymous said...

How thrilling, you're so lucky, awesome opportunity.

The fascinator is very pretty! and will go fabulously with your brown hair. Look forward to pics.

Are you nervous at all???


Flarkit said...

OMW, there's a voracious brainsucking mutant butterly on your head!!! DUCCKKKKKKK

Maryanne said...

Oh, lucky you! The ultimate garden party. I think your yellow fascinator is an inspired idea - hopefully attracts the royal attention.

noodle said...

Ha Ha, the Queen is making you RICA!

Peas on Toast said...

Chan - thanks so much sweetheart! Wasn't sure if the yellow ensemble would work. Wasn't nervous as there were so many people, but very excited :)

Flarkit- hahaha, or something did a fluorescent crap on my head?! xx

Maryanne - It managed to get a glance and a smile from her - almost a win right? x

noodle - hilarious!! So true. She is totally ROCA-ing everyone! x