Wednesday, May 23, 2012

tally ho queenie

I'll get to the point. I have never met a Queen, (Latifah or otherwise), but I can say that there's been a mutual acknowledgement. 

For those interested, here's the Daily Mail's coverage of the day.

1) She wore peachy-pink. She's quite a looker close up, preened to perfection
2) We never shook hands, but she did walk towards me, and at a distance of less than a metre away from me, make eye contact and smile
3) I was clapping and smiling like a banshee in throes of climax, so it was impossible for her not to notice me.
4) Princess Anne and a whole bunch of other Royal relatives were also out for the party

It was about 30 degrees, sunny, best day of the year so far. Not only is this totally uncharacteristic of this place right now, but it couldn't have fallen on a better day.

Luckily having sun around worked well for my modest yellow get up. 'Get up' could've easily been 'fuck up:'

The best part of the day was by far seeing all the outfits. Thousands of people running around the grounds of Buckingham Palace, all dressed in varying sizes and colours of hat and fascinator; it felt like a mini Royal Ascot. Just less booze; more tea.

Also ate the best cucumber sandwich in the history of cucumber sandwiches. The cukes were cut at the perfect 90 degrees, but get this: with a fine layer of Royal mint leaves between the actual cucumber and crestless bread.

Yeah. Total amazatron sandwich.

You stood in a queue, selected your various tarts, sandwiches, eclairs and other bits and pieces, then run amuck in the gardens.
Shoes making like golf tees in the grass aside, we saw the trees that had been planted on each Royal birth day. A tree for Charles and Anne for on the day they were born too.

Finished off with ice cream and, like the true commoners we are, took the bus home.


Mthembus in Mzansi said...

Sounds amaze-tag! Love your outfit. The best part was definitely the sunglasses.

Flarkit said...

That's lekke, man! You coulda made an impression by jolling some Afferkans at HRM:
"Howzit, your onner? Fanksalot for gooi-ing such a fricking shweet jol and laying out the vrek-tasty chow, ekse. You's mos a moewiese champion!"