Friday, May 18, 2012

tapas and wheels of death

Had a huge blow out last night. It started while barking down a telephone at an unyielding reporter, clutching a half drunk flute in my champagne hand.

Champagne was just the springboard I needed to fling myself into the abyss of debauchery.

Dude. School night tapas, bottles of red wine until 2:00am? Wow. I forgot I had it in me.

Went to Fernandez & Wells, on Lexington Street in Soho. What a fabulous little place. The cheese and meat boards were simply splendid. There was this dreamy music in the background, and all the waiters were Spanish, saying things like, "Excuse e-me? I losht my e-boice. Es bullshot."

It was liked we'd walked into a little piece of Spain. Not Magaluf Spain,  but Spain Spain.

Anyway, went large. We ended up walking the streets of Soho after copious amounts of lovely red wine, stopping at another tapas bar, and next thing it was 2:00am.
Also ended up having a heated discussion with an American in our posse about the fact that Swaziland isn't a country. IT IS A COUNTRY. SWAZILAND IS A COUNTRY. I got rather riled up.

I am at work and even functioning. Because I'm on about 5 different types of pills right now.

Anyway, so I nearly died on the way. No truly. I took a dodgy mini cab home, in the early hours, and the dude behind the wheel fell asleep.
Not once, but twice.

One would think I should've got out after it happened the first time. Sure. But then, once you tell someone off for falling asleep, you'd think they would take extra care not to do that again right?

The dude started veering over two lanes of traffic, and when I looked up, I could see his eyes were closed in the freaking rearview mirror.

Dude! Are you awake? Wake up!

He was a Pakistani man of few words. He didn't say anything, but jolted awake. Then it happened again. For God's sake, why the hell was he driving a cab around, taxiing people across the city, if he was half-comatose?
Because he was a dodgy, probably unlisted cab, that's why.

So am hungover, but fairly pleased to be alive. To be fair.

Friday night on the couch tonight. Can't wait.

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