Friday, September 07, 2012

on our way


 Shit is rolling. We are sitting in the taxi (got to love micro-bloggage) on our way to Terminal 5.

It is actually starting to finally sink in. The realisation of a long-standing dream: to go to Japan.

Been quite a morning as it is. Started off the day before the sparrows had expelled noxious gas from their assholes, I had to do two live radio interviews.

Then we booked tickets to the Killers concert in November.

Dude. I saw the Killers in South Africa, and they were phenomenal. Now it appears that Brandon Flowers has regrouped with his other Killery pals (after going solo for five seconds) and they're doing London.

Gragled with honey this morning to ensure no first-thing-in-the-morning throat croaking and got the interviews done and now...well now I'm getting car sick.

Jesus. I had better go. Typing on a smartphone in the back seat of a black cab is heinous.

Crisis. Quick puke before boarding?



Val said...

Bon Voyage and Sayonara! Look forward to hearing all about the trip.
Hope you sleep well on the flight out.

SheBee said...


Pebbles said...

I agree with SheBee, hurry home and spill the details!!

Peas on Toast said...

Aaaand up :)