Wednesday, May 15, 2013

the days following the nuptials

I'd been told by other ex-brides that after the big day, you're absolutely knackered. Good enough reason for couples to go on honeymoon right after it all happens.

I was also told:
1) You'll be too drunk/tired to do anything kinky on your wedding night, apart from try to wrench yourself out of the dress
2) That until you do this, you can have your marriage annulled (only after you do it, is it divorce. So sex suddenly makes everything really expensive if you were to split, basically.)
 Having an outdoor bathroom does help, though.

I'll get to the actual wedding day eventually - and how unbelievably full of love it was, and all the jitters and craziness that a wedding day comes with, plus the professional photos.
For now, I wanted to share our familymoon.

People do this nowadays - familymoons and buddymoons, especially when they get wed in a place far from home. We opted for familymoon, as I rarely get to see my extended family in one place, and Mum had organised a kick-ass four days in Kruger for all of us.
A lion. Eyeballing me. 

The Brit has been to the bush before, but never to the Big Daddy. The Glastonbury of game parks, if you will.

 Lazing. And chilling. And eating. And reading. And drinking. And sunbathing.

It was truly sublime. We had our own private camp in Sabi Sands, and for four blissful days, did the following:
Slept. A lot.
Went on morning and evening game drives, spotting an abundance of big-ass game, save a leopard. We saw lots of lion, but no leopard.
Ate fuckloads of biltong.
Sat around a big bonfire everynight, telling stories and drinking gin and tonics.
Chilling with family.
Getting used to being a waaf.
Husband and wifey and ring collection.
 About 30 elephants cruised into our camp one morning. Trumpeting and, well, doing things elephants do.
Warthogs. The world's underrated animals. They don't really give a fuck do they? They kind of do their own thing, and unless something is actively trying to eat them, they don't seem too stressed out at all. They laze around, enjoying mud baths and direct sunlight, pop their aerial tails up, and are basically, hilarious.

I want one. I'd called him Duncan.
Buck and stuff.

Another eyeballer. Giraffes have the funniest mouths. They chew cud like demons.

There's that sunset I miss.

Our REAL honeymoon is in T-minus 6 weeks.So help me God, it feels like a lifetime away.

We are going to BORNEO.

Dude. Holy Jesus and all his prophets, we are going trekking in the jungle.


po said...

Thanks for sharing Peas, ugh have not been to Borneo or Kruger. Green!

Val said...

Borneo!?! My giddy aunt! Can't wait for those photos. :)
I think your familymoon ws a great idea.

Peas on Toast said...

po - we as so lucky, definitely no denyin' that! Very excited for the Borneo vaabs :)

Val - the aunt is giddy! I am sooo excited - one month to go! xx