Thursday, June 27, 2013

honeymoon tomorrow

Tomorrah, tomorrah, I love ya, tomorrah.

I know we are going to a big island, but I don't really know what we are doing on both legs of the journey (I just know one week beach and one week rainforest).

This is what I do know about Borneo:

1) It's the third largest island in the world.
2) 73% of the island belongs to Indonesia. The rest is Malaysia and Brunei. we are going to Malaysia. I've been to Malaysia before, so it doesn't count as a new country in my list.
3) It's home to the oldest rainforest in the world.  Which is 130 million years old.
4) It's the last remianing natural habitat of the endangered Bornean orangutan.

 Come to mama.

Mo phones, mo problems. No phones, no problems.

Then I saw this, reported to be seen in Borneo. One giant anaconda. Later revealed to be fake by CNN.

Still. There are some huge snakes that like swim and probably eat people in this part of the world, so will be on lookout.

It's finally happening, honeymoon!

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Coffee and Books Cape Town said...

Have a wonderful honeymoon, both of you..looks stunning. dad x