Wednesday, August 07, 2013

offer accepted

 Typical Victorian terraced housing in south west London

Oh my goodness. Get out of the city, get off the bus, get off the phone, shut the door.

After looking everyday, after work, on weekends, and starting to get a little anxious - we found a house last night.

And about 5.6 minutes ago, they accepted our offer.


You have no idea what an incredible excitemental relief this is.

Now I don't want to jinx nothin,' not at least until we know it's definitely faanal.

But in the meantime - it must be said - it's a goddamn cute little Victorian terrace house. Which we will be working on, converting and probably spend most of our weekend DIYing - for months to come.

Oh my GOODNESS we are about to be the owners of a real. Grownup. House.

PS: It's not in Primrose Hill.
PPS: It's still vaguely in the area we live now - Battersea - but on the other side very close to Clapham Common.
PPPS: Oh the wooden floors. Those genuine, beautiful wooden floors, how I do love you...
I'm going on a canal rivertrip near Little Venice tonight, with friends from work. As it's summer and all that. I might just push the boat out and order a champagne on the trip.

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Flarkit said...

Go on then - push the boat out! Gratters on the pozzie :-)