Thursday, January 16, 2014

instant friends

 We went to a new twin parents-to-be meet up last night.

This one has been organised for months, specifically for parents giving birth at the same time. The idea is to meet these parents, compare notes, bitch about how sore your backs are, and commit to seeing each other regularly once you've had your twins.

"These are your new, instant friends." Is kind of the vibe.

A group of people from various backgrounds with one thing in common: are having two babies in March/April.
It's a lucky dip, really. This group could well be a clutch of lunatics - time will tell - but so far, everyone seems normal and nice.

It was good to share stories of "when you first found out you were having twins" to "do other people say you're massive in comparison to their bump" to "how are you arranging the nursery to fit two babies in it?"
Some parents already had a toddler and now had twins on the way.

So with that, I wanted to thank the wonderful strangers who got in touch with me yesterday to share some positive things they'd seen about twins. It really meant so much to me, and has definitely helped put the world right again.

Having twins is going to be radical. For anyone out there who has just found out they're expecting more than one, or who hasn't seen these resources yet, allow me to share:

22 Unexpected Gifts Of Having Twins (Article on the Huffington Post)

Girl's Gone Child (A blog written by an American mother who has two children and a set of twins)

Twins, Tiaras & Tantrums (An incredible British blog written by a single mother of twins. Not only does she do this by herself, but she seems to do it really well!)

Emma's Quad Diary (Bonus points blog, great for perspective. Written by a girl I went to school with who now lives in Bristol. Is the world insanely tiny or what? She has a toddler and four quadruplet boys!)

Those are the ones I have got stuck into recently, though I'm sure there are thousands more to be found too.

Ooh ooh and my sleeping cushion arrives today. This is a massive step in potentially being able to sleep, I don't think you quite understand.

May I present:
The Dreamgenii 3000*

It's a massive thing, and the Brit is yet to realise that he may just be pushed off the side of the mattress.

* Not actually inclusive of '3 000', but should. Would do very well on Verimark if it had a 3 000 following a name like that.



po said...

I love Girls Gone Child, and I am not maternal or anything. But her twins are so adorable and she takes the best pictures with an iphone that I have ever seen.

Unknown said...

Thnak you so much for my mention and link back. I'm guessing you have recently found out your having twins, CONGRATULATIONS! Have you stopped panicking yet? Lol. Just remember, if I can do it alone, then you can do it better! You will have your lows but you will also have many highs. Dont let anyone tell you how you should feel or what you should be doing, just do what is right for you... And for all those singleton mothers who will keep telling you they know "exactly" how you feel, because theirs are only how ever many months apart, feel free to swear at them because they don't have a clue! Funnily enough I have a post in the pipeline about that! Good luck and keep in touch xx

Peas on Toast said...

Hi Lisa!
So great to hear from you here - such a lovely surprise! I am in awe of you and your little girls, and am now a daily reader of your blog.
Thanks for the advice, and can't wait to read your latest blog post :)
Thanks for your inspiring blog, and sharing it with newbies like myself.