Wednesday, May 07, 2008

swimming on reams of paper

My cup runneth over.

With admin. First question: do you think it's possible for a 27 year old to have a heart attack?

Second question: If you wear fuck off gorgeous winter boots with stockings and mini skirts as your new “Winter Look,” whilst attending to admin, does it make it easier?

My job, I've been sorting out all sorts of things obviously – paperwork central. Access cards, tax, medical aid, etc, the list goes on, it doesn't really stop either.
I'm moving. So in between this, it's leases, deposits, packing stuff into boxes, sending stuff to charity, dropping stuff off, throwing stuff out, and then moving the whole lot all before I head overseas.

Sort out new phone contracts. More tax. When to clean my old apartment? (Martha is emigrating to New Zealand the time I move out as well), banking. Sort out overseas banking and overseas admin and cards here.

Then tell no less than 14 companies my change of address. Swear to God. Not only cell phone and SARS, one forgets MultiChoice sends me a magazine every month, and I get Time magazine. Fuck.


See that boring paragraph above? The stream of consciousness, trying to encapsulate when to sign, what to sign, when to move, how to squeeze it in, tell this person that? It's going through my brain every day, and it's exhausting. Luckily 3RM is going to help me move a lot of stuff, bless him and his Portuguese fraturas.

But am so super excited to move into my new crib. Gradually I'll be able to make it all nice and homely like frame my Andy Warhols, and invest in a new coffee table. Maybe some mugs. So, you know, when people come round I don't serve them a beverage in the Pussy: A Tasty Meal In A Little Box mug.

But for now, I'm swimming on reams of paperwork, and am feverishly stuffing shit into boxes. The problem with admin is that it never ends. Once done, there is always more admin to do. And at the bottom of the twenty-something to-do list, is menial stuff like getting a renewed driver's license and paying off traffic fines.

Not sleeping helluva well, brain not really turning the fuck off.

I think I'm going to get an office plant – an orchid – called Cody. For my desk.

One thing at a time, and there are always 25 hours in a day.


Anonymous said...

I've tried that "winter look". Didn't help.

c@th said...

hello peas!

Wow. yes, life admin. JUST as things start going ATS (As They Should), it seems you have to work for it again with admin!

mwah. X

acidicice said...

Hi Peas

I answered your second question in my blog post today:

Peas on Toast said...

Kyk - was it better than the summer look? Because I'm not sure whether my Jamaican shirt collection will work so hot in the office!

Cath - howzit! It's amazing how life gets busier, admin gets more. It's driving me nutty! x

Peas on Toast said...

acidicice - awesome, lemme take a squizz!

Peas on Toast said...

Mini - I'm getting chirped left right and centre :) Being in an office full of strapping boys has its perks, and one has to get with the programme fairly quickly :)

I thought of a bonsai, but I'm liking the thought of a gorgeous orchid called...Cody :)

boldly benny said...

Okay, perhaps a 27-year-old could have a heart attack, my brother-in-law had a stroke at 32. Since you are moving house and starting a new job it's so natural that the stress is choking you - I've had a double whammy like this twice before and thought that my heart was going to burst free from my chest!

I personally can't stand life admin and I feel like I'm contasntly getting swallowed by it! So good luck and know that you can do this. And doing it while looking good does help - today I have to cope with chasing IRP 5s, managing staffing issues, writing two freelance articles, chasing contributors, sorting out my tax, following up with my ex-landlord re my outstanding deposit so I dressed for the ocassion ;-)

KaB said...

Oh dear god...this was my post yesterday...I did a complete freak out as well with all the shite in life!

Now there is more today...go figure!

Just breathe & have a drink every now & puts things into perspective...often helping you to forget too:)

Champagne Heathen said...

Martha is emigrating to the Kiwis???? Fck. Like we need to lose another social worker in this country. Fck.

Good luck with the admin. It's always gonna be there - sometimes you just have to attack it, sometimes you just have to give it the silent treatment.

Lady Leather said...

Brains should come with an on/off switch. Or at least a priority button. Or maybe a switch to flick between modes like: "contemplative", "sleep", "get shit done quickly and efficiently", "not giving a rats ass".
You know, something like that.

Admin sucks sweaty, obese balls. Hope you get all your necessaries done Peas! x

KiLLa said...

Admin - I dont see the point in filling in a form to get your picture taken and be put on a card..

Winter look - MMMM... We need more people like you here by us.. (send me a CV).. :P



Peas on Toast said...

Benny -hectic babe! Yeeesh, sorry to hear about your bro! And while I was reading through your list of admin, I saw the word "IRP-5 form" and my blood pressure peaked just on LOOKING at the word...

Kab - I'm thinking of you babe, if you're in my current position of sorting out shit. Arrgh. Breathe, it's Wednesday hump day. Now I have a Blackberry I have to use and work out HOW to use...

Champs - yeah she's off in June! I think it will be great for her, but a severe loss to social work indeed.

Snapper - I tried to manually switch off my brain last night by watching the True Hollywood Story of The Fall of Grace of Britney Spears. No such luck.

Ta-Killa - oh Lord and the pictures for everything. I'm torn out I tell ya.

Lady Leather said...

Aah, Im sorry to hear that. Anything about Britney Spears usually turns my brain off so quickly, I forget I have one. You couldve always watched "Crossroads". That'll be sure to get you to Lala land pretty quickly. Either that, or Mariah Carey's "Glitter".

MsBehavn said...

Oh jeez, Peas. Admin is horrible.

I just kinda pile it up on the corner of my desk and hope like hell that some poor soul in the office will take pity on me and offer to do it on my behalf.

Hope you get it all done, chicken!

Tower said...

first read and first post, god knows peas...I'm doggy paddling through the same swamp but my destination is Slaapstad, not sure if 'at the sea' or 'over seas' is better...and yes you can have a heart att...

I've found a blog purely about moving helps and I thought you might like it because it more about JHB than CT. Have a squizz and your fans too, I'd love to know what you think ...happy wednesday!

Revolving Credit said...

I'm not should that the 'Winter Look' will make things any easier, but it may help make you appear easier!

Not sure if that helps?

PS. Is Pretty moving with you?

Peas on Toast said...

Snapper - Glitter, on watching that, I might never be able to turn the old brain back on again - ha ha :)

Msbehavn - Well, the accountant guy just came in to see me. He's an immediate God in my eyes. A number cruncher who has the answers to everything. We're gonna be toight :)

Rev - Easier. No, maybe just..."sjooosjer?" God I hope so. :)

Pretty is coming with me, but not as regularly as before. Now if only Lucas can come too!

Legend Lives On said...

Aah.. The joys of finishing up the ink of pen in one day..

So like how many times did u have to write your name and ID number..

At least its ova now.. Rite

Revolving Credit said...

So when are you trippin' and for how long?

While the 'Winter Look' may seem appealing, you do realise that it's heading for summer in Ireland?

Wear if here and you may well seem sjooosjer, wear it there and you're just a naff!

zuzula said...

it's hot and sunny over here! :) x

Peas on Toast said...

Legend - two pens later, and the ink is running dry china. It's almost over...or so I thought...I mean, is it ever over?

Rev - I'm trippin' in about 2 or 3 weeks. So excited! Been told that this Winter Look fits in with their Winter Look too, plus one green jersey.

Me, naff??? You wanna come say that over here? ;)

Zu - fantastic! I can't wait for skinny dipping in the Serpentine and chav hunting! :)

zuzula said...

ah - summer will be over by the time you get here. it lasts about 12 hours ;) xx

leez said...

Okay you are not in the right frame of mind to be committing yourself to take care of a plant.

Remember despite what those people on the side of the street and in green houses would have you believe you do have to actually pay attention to that green leafy thing by the window. I wouldn't recommend even some sort of living organism that requires annual watering.

Rather get something plastic yet good enough to pass as the real thing. Try Woolies.


Peas on Toast said...

Zu - 12 hours is all I need. For wine, stockings and one pub full of beautiful English yobbos. :)

Leez - I'm inclined to agree. But Cody isn't a baby. I believe at my desk he will be spoken to and cared for...but maybe I should get him a mate. Just to be sure.

But yes, Cody will only arrive in a few weeks anyway. :)