Thursday, December 03, 2009

liza minelli

It’s been a while since I actually watched TV.
Like properly, watched the tube.

I bought a shitload of DVDs, spent 6 months watching them, and now am firmly back watching the Liza.

The Liza Minelli. The telly.

Still the same shit, just a different season.

Reality TV has got way uglier – fake is the new real. People are now going on fake reality shows that they think are real.
Nice twist.

I’m waiting for the series where the real reality show is staged as a fake but is actually real.

Shame man, and these people get quite worked up. I mean, like last night this woman on Reality Hell nearly had an embolism. These producers have Berlin Walls. Balls.

The Hudsons swapped wives with the [fake] Fontaine’s, and she got quite distraught about the ‘[fake] adopted Japanese kid they were keeping in an outhouse outside.

I was about to cascade into a sea of despair – anything sets me off these days – when I found Harold & Kumar The Second One. Thank God.

I mean yesterday was awesome; the dog’s danglies. I got a head massage on the edge of a river for God’s sake – and the lady drizzled enough Grapeseed Oil into my scalp to fry an egg on my pip. My colleague who has shaped his head, sat there like Buddha and looked like a gleaming firefly after she oiled his.

But all I wanted to do was watch live TV. Am over juggling my MacBook on my lap, because the farking DVD player had a fight with my cake knife because it decided to fuck off and die.

I need to invest in technology again. My camera still takes penlight batteries that die every 5 seconds, my TV is about 8000 years old, and my DVD player looks like it ate itself. My iPod holds 800 songs and it’s the size of a brick.

I own a VCR. Because I have videos that can’t be replaced, footage-wise.

How embarrassing. What should I buy first?


Flirty 30 said...

Buy the new matchbox sized iPod that comes with built in 8.2mp digital camera, live streaming satellite TV which can be projected onto any surface.
You'll be able to pre-load your choice of music, dvds and series AND charge it on your PC!
Oh wait... That doesn't exist...
I've lost Thursday as well as my mind!?!
I'm sure it'll be available soon...
Peas, invest in a nice digital camera- Sony rocks.
At least you'll be able to take crazy snaps- when your ancient tv pegs it or you're feeling more depressed than Rosie O' Donnell's scale- look at them and laugh til you cry and don't forget to keep the incriminating evidence to blackmail others!

Peas on Toast said...

Flrity I was just about to say - good grief, you're a good sales women, but that product speaks for itself! I was getting all excited there :)

I'm sure it'll come out like next week anyway, the iPods can pretty much do that stuff now right?

I think I'm leaning towards the Sont camera-wise definitely. Now to just find a good deal!

Secret said...

I bought a new cell phone in march which holds a lot of music at the moment - more music than I can listen to on the average drive (and it has a removable micor SD card, so I can chop and change the music collections if I want to) and it has a nifty little camera. Sure, its not a top of the range camera, but I have caught more great moments that that camera than any other camera that I own has caught (prolly coz I dont own another camera, I dont need one).
DVD players are relatively inexpensive. The cheaper ones are more partial to playing copied DVDs, where the expensive ones are snooty about what they do and dont play.
Bonus on the phone concept - not only is it a MP3 player and a camera, but its an alarm clock and a phone too!

The Silent Me said...

Buy them all at once, revel in the technology and then start thinking where your booze and food for the rest of the month is going to come from.........(november was lean this side)

Peas on Toast said...

Silent Me - I dunno if I can survive with wine and mojitos this festive season mate. I may just die.

OK, camera or iPod?

Peas on Toast said...

Silent Me - I dunno if I can survive with wine and mojitos this festive season mate. I may just die.

OK, camera or iPod?

Peas on Toast said...

Secret - definite bonus on the phone camera, cept we have to use Blackberry's or something similar for work. And the camera is so-so. I think I need to upgrade and shop around though - my BB is getting stale as well!

The Silent Me said...

Rather go for the Camera first, usually Dec have a shitload of photo opportunities, (read : drunken antics)

I feel for you with the BB, same situation. Have to use it, its not fair, I HATE blackberry

Thedailyspew said...

Camera definitely - ipods are random - 800 songs should be enough? remember the days of compact disc where you got 20 songs if you were lucky?

Peas on Toast said...

Spew - that's what I figured, although it's so old the battery doesn't last a full flight anymore.

Peas on Toast said...

Silent - sold! A new camera it is - and I LOVE taking pics. Happy snapper how I come!

The Silent Me said...

I also love taking pics, and hate the way I turn up on other people's pictures always when I can't look any worse.

Come to think of it, that is most probably why they are taking them

The Silent Me said...

And buy a spacehopper, trust me